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ReGet Deluxe allows for faster, organized, and convenient downloads
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ReGet Deluxe is software conveniently designed for making the user feel more comfortable with the entire system of downloading. This software is used for faster and organized downloads. Platforms like Windows Vista and XP make use of it. ReGet Deluxe is basically another version of ReGet with advanced features and more convenient as a download manager

The main factor of this software is that it is compatible with all the modern browsers. As a result there is a direct transfer of all the files downloaded. Files can be partitioned to increase the speed of download and maintained in folder wise. All kind of connections are completely utilized for quick downloading. This advanced software automatically registers the connection and downloads according to that from all kinds of browsers while maintaining various kinds of proxy servers in all kinds of platforms supported by Windows. Along with that, the interface is also easy for the user to understand.

This special manager gives a jump-start to the users downloads in case there is a slow process by connecting to the server again. There is also a login system that can be activated to the servers from where downloading is done. All downloads can be categorized into various folders and the history of each download is maintained so that they can be referred to afterwards.

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  • Downloads can be partitioned for speeding up the process


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